Back in March, rising R&B singer Cautious Clay released his EP “Table Of Contents” to explore the  balancing act between purpose and happiness in life. Three months later, the crooner returns with the hazy visual “Sidewinder.” In the Haoyan of America directed clip, Clay’s mind drifts away until he’s trapped inside a dream. He implements peculiar use of symbolism with a lighter and snake, which represent the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as what he’s chasing and avoiding in his life at the moment. Clay will go back on the road in late July for several random midwest shows before taking the stage at the Lollapalooza Festival on Aug. 1. Clay also announced the Context Tour today, which begins on Oct. 24 in Delaware. Following a trip overseas, visits to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, Brooklyn, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Toronto, Boston and Philadelphia are planned through December.