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Carlton George Douglas, known professionally as Carl Douglas, is a Jamaican singer who rose to prominence in 1974 with the single “Kung Fu Fighting.” Douglas’ career was based in the United Kingdom. “Kung Fu Fighting” reached No 1 on both the UK Singles Chart and U.S. Billboard Hot 100  in 1974. It sold 11 million copies,  making it one of the best selling singles of all time. Douglas is considered a one hit wonder, as he’s only  known for “Kung Fu Fighting” and the follow up “Dance The Kung Fu” failed to reach the Top 40. However, two singles reached the Top 40 in the UK; “Dance The Kung Fu”, which reached No. 35 and “Run Back”, which reached No. 25. He has recorded the albums “Kung Fu Fighting And Other Great Love Songs” (1974), “Love, Peace And Happiness” (1977) and “Keep Pleasing Me” (1978).