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Kevin Smith, known professionally as Love Bug Starski, was an American rapper/musician/producer. He began his career as a record boy in 1971 as hip hop appeared in the Bronx. He eventually became a DJ at the Disco Fever in 1978. Smith recorded his first single, “Positive Life”, for Tayster Records in 1981.  A short time later, he recorded a single for the Rappin soundtrack, which was released on Atlantic Records, before recording his debut album, “House Rocker”, for Epic/CBS Records. The album featured the single “Amityville”, which was a reference to the film The Amityville Horror. The single reached #12 on the UK Singles Chart in 1986. Smith died of a heart attack in Las Vegas on February 8, 2018, at age 57, while moving speakers out of storage into his apartment. He had moved to Las Vegas to revive his DJ career with gigs, including a residency at the rooftop lounge of Indian restaurant Turmeric Flavors of India. His final appearance was hours before his death.