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Earl T. Stevens, known professionally as E40, is an American rapper/actor. He released his debut EP “Let’s Side” in 1986. The EP was co-produced by Mike Mosely and Al Eaton for Sick Wid It Records, a label founded by Stevens. In 1992, they released the sophomore effort “Down And Dirty”, and in 1993, E40 released his debut solo album, “Federal.” Stevens has released several successful singles and albums over the years. They are: “Federal” (1993), “In A Major Way” (1995), “Tha Hall Of Game” (1996), “The Element Of Surprise” (1998), “Charlie  Hustle: The Blueprint Of  A Self-Made Millionaire” (1999), “Loyalty & Betrayal” (2000), “Grit And Grind” (2002), “Breaking News” (2003), “My Ghetto Report Card” (2006), “The Ball Street Journal” (2008), “Revenue Retrieving Day Shift” (2010), “Revenue Retrieving Night Shift” (2010), “Revenue Retrieving Overtime Shift” (2011) and “Revenue Retrieving Graveyard Shift.”  (2011).