Rapper Post Malone released the PG version of his single “Goodbyes”, a collaboration with Young Thug, which should please parents of the duo’s younger fans. The visual is the same as the original Colin Tilley directed clip for the most part, but edits out Malone’s brutal murder scene at the beginning of the Western flick, instead electing to begin with the rapper crawling out of a grave as a zombie and back to life. Malone stumbles into a bar where Thug is performing, and everyone except his significant other flees the chaotic scene when they realize who’s back. Malone flashes back to his death and his lover weeping over his tombstone. He then sips another Bud Light with his eyes creeping behind his skull at the close of the video. This is Malone’s first collaboration with Young Thug. The R-rated visual has received 21 million views since its release on July 5.