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Jesse Bonds Weaver Jr., known professionally as Schoolly D, is an American rapper from Philadelphia, PA. Weaver teamed with DJ Code Money in the mid 1980s. His lyrics reflected urban realism, violence and sexual bravado, making Weaver the first gangster rapper. Weaver contributed music to several Abel Ferrara films, including “P.S.K.”, “Saturday Night”, “King Of New York” and “Am I Black Enough For You.” He released the albums “Schoolly D” (1985), “Saturday Night!: The Album” (1987), “Smoke Some Kill” (1988), “Am I Black Enough For You?” (1989), “How A Black Man Feels” (1991), “Welcome To America” (1994), “Reservoir Dog” (1995), “Funk N Pussy” (2000) and “International Supersport” (2010).