Justine Skye is at her vocal best on her new single, “Maybe.” She uses Afrobeats to fuse the tantalizing lyrics of a dreamy experience with a lover and her melodic, perfect tone. Produced by Dre Skull and written by Skye, the core of the song is deeply rooted in a compelling description of Skye’s perception of a perfect relationship; if her man has made her his wife, she’ll cross the ocean for him, maybe. She later reveals a catch. There’s always a catch, right? The climatic background of car-blaring instrumentation distracts from her seductive intentions. The production demands the listener’s attention, and that’s always been the recipe for a great R&B record. Drawing on inspiration from R&B veteran Sade, Skye is poised to carve out her own niche in the mist of the new wave of alternative R&B. The newly independent artist is using her newfound freedom to explore a more sensual, vocal palate. Her tone is different. She’s exploring her falsetto and utilizing her riffs in an effort to tell her compelling truths. Skye recently collaborated with the group Blood Orange on the mixtape “Angie’s Pulse.” It features the tracks “Good For You” and “Take It Back.” Without a doubt, Skye is creating music with more attention to what she can do vocally while creating additional income streams through her flourishing brand. She’s one to watch. Rapper Lil Skies announced the release of his single “Going Off”  yesterday. “Going Off” marks the Pennsylvania native’s first offering since “Shelby.” “Going Off” has yet to hit streaming services, but the music video has already hit You Tube’s Trending section top 10. The clip is kept simple for the most part with the exception of a few trippy effects added to enhance Lil Skies’ moves  and appears to be shot at a mansion in Hollywood Hills. Skies goes from hanging out with a few women by the pool to exploring what nature has to offer on a hike with some friends. During the second verse, the 20-year-old reflects on his journey from college dropout to rap star. Fans will enjoy this one.