Chicago based R&B singer Ann Marie just released a visual for the single “My Body.” Directed by Damien Sandoval and set against the hot Miami sun, the video compliments Ann Marie’s raunchy lyrics as she poses with friends while showing off her slinky figure. “My Body” is the first single from Ann Marie’s debut Interscope album, “Pretty Pscho”, which debuted at #5 on the Apple Music R&B chart. The project, which features Jeremih, is the follow up to the album “Tripolar”, which was released earlier this year. Ann Marie hails from Englewood, a community on the South Side of Chicago. She’s carving out her own niche while building a legion of fans. Singer Mariah Carey just added her lyrics and vocals to the new ABC series “Mixed-ish.” Titled “In The Mix”, Carey wrote and produced the track with Daniel Moore. It’ll be heard when the series premieres on September 24th at 9pm. “Mixed-ish” will capture how Rainbow Johnson recounts her experience in the 80s background in a bi-racial family. Johnson’s parents  move from a hippie neighborhood to a suburb in hopes of a better life for their family. Since Carey always wanted to contribute to a project that lends her talents to a topic that focuses on bi-racial women like herself, Carey thought that a collaboration with the “Black-ish” creators would be a perfect fit. “Mixed-ish” premieres on September 24th. Canadian singer Tory Lanez returns with the single and visual “Forever.” Produced by Cassius Jay, “Forever’s” theme is centered around loyalty, brotherhood, and unity among close friends. No matter how bad a situation may seem, Tory makes it clear that he supports you through thick and thin. The video begins with a shot of a police car and audio of someone being arrested. The clip has multiple shots of Lanez and his friends coming up in the criminal underworld from card games in bars to smoking cigars in lavish hotel suits. Eventually one of Lanez’s goons turns out to be an informant and has Lanez arrested. To have a track about being loyal to your friends no matter how bad things get and shoot a video with your friend betraying you is a creative way to tackle the pros and cons of being loyal. All in all, it’s a quality video which paid homage to such classic films as “Scarface” and “The Godfather” with a rags to riches story that ends with betrayal from within the group. Fans should be sure to check it out.