Lil Baby and DaBaby collaborated on the single “Baby” last month. Today, the duo unveiled the accompanying music video for the Wheezy-produced track. The Daps directed clip takes place in Miami Beach, with Lil Baby struggling through another day of hustling in the kitchen of a local restaurant. After taking directions from his boss, he decides to take a patron up on a new job offer as a drug dealer, and even negotiates room for DaBaby to join the proposition. Their first exchange doesn’t go well. An argument ensures, and weapons are drawn, as the beach house situation goes awry. An associate is butchered and the Charlotte native appears to be next with his hands tied to the ceiling. That is until Lil Baby bust through the door with a fully loaded shotgun to save the day. “Baby” is the first single from Quality Control’s “Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol. 2”, which will be released on Aug. 16. The track is currently No. 45 on the Hot 100.