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Lakeside is an American funk/R&B band from Dayton, OH. Lakeside’s origin began with the coming together of the The Nomads and The Montereys. The two groups played together in musical revues in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. When the Montereys left the Tri-State area to pursue opportunities in New York City, The Nomads stayed behind. Vocalist Mark Wood and guitarist Stephen Shockley added other instrumentalist, resulting in The Nomads and The Young Underground in 1971. With the addition of vocalists Thomas Shelby and Shirley Wood, they became Ohio Lakeside Express. Shortly thereafter, the group became acquainted with Eddie Thomas, of Curtom Records, a label owned by he and partner Curtis Mayfield. Eddie Thomas left Curtom Records to form his own label, “Lakeside”, named after the south-side of Chicago. Lakeside, the label, signed Ohio Lakeside Express, and the result was the single “Ohio.” The band decided to drop “Express” in favor of “Lakeside.” A number of producers expressed interest in producing an album for Lakeside, but nothing ever materialized during this time. Shirley Wood chose not to pursue her singing career and was replaced by singer Ricky Abernathy. A short time later, Otis Stokes replaced Ricky Abernathy and the band added percussionist Fred Lewis to the line up as well. The group was seen by Dick Griffey, a promoter who handled such artists as Stevie Wonder. Griffey became a friend and offered his advice. Griffey began formerly managing Lakeside in 1974. That same year, the band was signed to Motown Records by Frank Wilson. Unfortunately, Motown was promoting and prioritizing other groups, and shelved what they produced for Lakeside. When Frank Wilson left Motown for ABC Dunhill in 1976, Lakeside went with him. In 1977, Lakeside released their debut album which featured the single “If I Didn’t Have You.” Around this time, the band added barefoot drummer Fred Alexander Jr. to the line up, and they were approached by Whitfield Records, Motown Records, and Solar Records. In the end, the band chose Solar Records. In 1978, the band released their debut Solar Records album “Shot Of Love”, which featured the single “It’s All The Way Live.” “It’s All The Way Live” reached #4 on the R&B charts. Lakeside also charted with the singles “Your Love Is On The One”, “Fantastic Voyage”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Raid” among others.  Lakeside also released the albums “Rough Riders” (1979), “Fantastic Voyage” (1980), “Keep On Moving Straight Ahead” (1981), “Your Wish Is My Command” (1982), “Untouchables” (1983), “Outrageous” (1984), “Power” (1987) and “Party Patrol” (1990).