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Pleasure is an American R&B band from Portland, OR. Formed in 1972, the band was a merger of two local bands: The Franchise, which included drummer Bruce Carter, bassist Nathaniel Phillips and guitarist Marlon McClain, and The Soul Masters, which included keyboardist Donald Hepburn, keyboardist Michael Hepburn, saxophonist Dennis Springer, trombonist/guitarist Dan Brewster, vocalist Sherman Davis and percussionist Bruce Smith. Other musicians have been a part of the band over the years, including trumpet player Tony Collins and vocalist/guitarist Randy Hall. In 1974, jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. encouraged the band to seek out Crusaders member Wayne Henderson. Impressed with what he heard, Henderson helped the band secure a recording contract with Fantasy Records. This marked the beginning of a six year relationship with the label and a four year relationship with Henderson, who through his production company At Home Productions, became the band’s producer and mentor. In 1979, the band released their debut album, “Future Now”, which included their most successful single “Glide.” Pleasure fused several styles of music, including Jazz, Funk, Soul and Rock, and achieved national recognition and excellent records sales, in addition to  catching the attention of of hip hop artists who were inspired to sample Pleasure’s material. Pleasure disbanded in 1981, although several members have remained active in the music industry. They have released the albums “Dust Yourself Off” (1975), “Accept No Substitutes” (1976), “Joyous” (1977), “Get To The Feeling” (1978), “Future Now” (1979), “Special Things” (1980), “Give It Up” (1982) and “Now Is The Time” (2019).