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New Birth is an American funk/R&B band that rose to prominence during the 1970’s. Formed in 1963 in Louisville, Kentucky by Tony Churchill and Harvey Fuqua, and originally known as The Nite-Lighters,  the band initially consisted of Charlie Hearndon (guitar), James Baker (keyboards), Robin Russell (drums), Robert “Lurch” Jackson (trumpet), Austin Lander (baritone saxophone), Leroy Taylor (bass), and later Carl McDaniel on guitar. Early members include Johnny Graham, who went on to join Earth, Wind & Fire and Jerry Bell who was also a member at one time. The band had a few hits as The Nite-Lighters, including “K-Gee”, which reached No. 17 R&B and No. 39 Pop. New Birth was formed after the discovery of the male vocal group The Now Sound, and the female vocal group Mint Julep. Ann Bogan and brothers Leslie and Melvin Wilson were added later. In 1972, New Birth reached No. 4 R&B and No. 35 Pop with a remake of the Bobby Womack hit “I Can Understand It.” In 1974, the band released the album “It’s Been A Long Time”, which featured the title track and their cover of the Skylark hit “Wild Flower.” After the release of the album “Coming From All Ends”, the band left RCA Records. New Birth released the albums “The New Birth” (1971), “Ain’t No Big Thing, But It’s Growing” (1971), “Coming Together” (1972), “Birth Day” (1972), “It’s Been A Long Time” (1973), “Coming From All Ends” (1974), “Blind Baby” (1975), “Love Potion” (1976), “Behold The Mighty Army” (1977), “Reincarnation” (1977), “Platinum City” (1979), “I’m Back” (1982), “God’s Children” (1998) and “Lifetime” (2005).