Bronx born singer/songwriter Shari Marie just released her debut album, “Reflection.” The project was executive produced by Grammy winner Swagg R Celious. Consisting of 12 tracks, the album finds Shari exploring various sides of herself, showcasing her vulnerability and honesty. The single “Vibrato” has a catchy hook, while “I Belong To You” shows a softer, more emotional side of Shari. The album follows the music videos “Sweet” and “I Don’t Want It.” Themes of duality, transparency, honesty and being in touch with ones emotions are present throughout the project. In addition to music, Shari launched a comedy vlog titled, The Nana & Shari Show, where Shari and her grandmother travel around New York City. Without question, Shari Marie is poised to become one of the hottest artists of 2019. With a powerhouse voice, Myoa releases her new single “Star Power,” Assisted by neo-soul style production, the singer’s lyrics and vocal prowess give the track a movie like feel. Myoa expresses a call to freedom as she invites listeners to let their emotions run wild and experience life for the beauty of it. Inspired by a trip to Nigeria in 2017, “Star Power” is sung as a throwback to the origins of jazz and neo-soul style of such artists as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Luther Vandross. She makes references to every human emotion and season to correlate how, as humans, we go through each emotion, and that we can connect with our audiences to galvanize “Star Power” as she does with this single. Myoa exhibits raw human emotion at an optimum level, which makes “Star Power.” shear ear candy. Fans should check out her debut album, “Beautiful Journey”, which was released earlier this month. TJ Jackson, son of singer Tito Jackson, recently released the single “Insomnia”, which showcases his vocal ability as he boldly states that he intends to become the ladies’ Christian Gray 2.0. An accompanying music video further heightens the sultry nature of the song. After a ten year hiatus, TJ Jackson is back and ready to take over the industry.