Some fans know Reed Shannon as the voice of Cartoon Network. Others may know him as the character Joe in the film “Canal Street.” However, one must add incredible singer to his resume as his latest effort embodies an old soul vibe in a young man’s body. At age 18, he’s wise in spirit and has the presence of an R&B legend in the making. The young artist has indicated that his latest album, “Soul Play”, is an extension of his personality. The project includes such tracks as “Mercy”, “Connect”, and “Don’t Feel The Same.” Reed Shannon is a humble young man, but his talents aren’t. With several projects in the works, including a role in the film “Chasing The Sun”, which will feature Shannon’s original music, be sure to look for the singing sensation when he appears on a screen near you. After a five year hiatus, independent artist Keithian returns with the single “Pillow Talk.” “Pillow Talk” touches on the narrative of longing for a deep connection with someone only to discover that they don’t want the same thing you do. It leaves you feeling lost and confused. The production adds an element of romantic push-pull found in most tragic love stories. “Pillow Talk” will appear on Keithian’s forthcoming sophomore effort “To My Pain.” The project is the follow up to his debut EP, “Birds.” “To My Pain” is slated for a late 2019 release.