Not. Alone is an ensemble of musical brothers from the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. The group consists of multi-instrumentalist Daeta, singer Marc Amour and rapper Nomad. The trio draws inspiration from jazz, hip hop and soul to create a musical chimera that moves as freely on stage as it does in the studio. Their new single, “BANKbank”, serves as a preview of their forthcoming EP “Direct Deposit”, slated for release later this year. Much like A Tribe Called Quest and The Internet, Not.Alone wants listeners to groove to their music and feel good while doing so. It’s fast paced, lively, and smooth as silk. Not.Alone makes music that blends hip hop, R&B and jazz. The group has performed around the Maryland, DC and Virginia area, playing at Songbyrd Music House, Velvet Lounge, Funk Parade and The Black Cat, with their sights set on gracing more stages. They previously released the projects “Black As The Ace Of Spades” and “The Black Delorean EP.” The message they encapsulate in their music is you are not alone, empowering listeners through relatable tales of personal struggle, managing insecurity, and overcoming conflict to become greater. “BANKbank” is currently available on all streaming platforms. Grammy Award winner Bridget Kelly just released “The Great Escape”, a short film that follows the love story between Bridget and co-star Scott Machado, and co-starring Brooke Crittendon. The film was directed by Joshua “Lucky” Peters. The film includes the accompanying soundtrack ‘The Great Escape”, a 5-song EP. On the project, Kelly takes listeners from the flirtations of first attraction to escaping the world together, reminding fans that she loves love. Bridget launched the EP release with its first single “Lucky You.” The EP was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Ayo N Keyz. Each scene in the film depicts a song on the album. It’s a visual portrayal of the emotion Bridget brings out in every track in the form of cinema. The film goes from the couple meeting at a club and finding love to breaking up with her ex. Shot in New York City, the film has a sultry, gritty vibe to capture the feel of the project. In addition to music, Kelly is also a television personality having appeared on “Straight Talk With Steve Harvey” and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Kelly has been a Jay Z protege and collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Kelly Clarkson. With the release of a short film and EP to coincide with it, Bridge Kelly is set to continue her momentum for the rest of 2019.