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Poor Righteous Teachers are an American hip hop group from Trenton, New Jersey.

Formed in 1989, the lineup consists of Wise Intelligent, Culture Freedom and Father Shaheed. PRT, as they are referred to by fans, was known as a pro-Black conscious hip hop group inspired by the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earth. In 1989, the group released their debut single “Time To Say Peace.” They released their debut album “Holy Intellect” in 1990. While not as commercially successful  as similarly pro-Black albums “Fear Of A Black Planet” by Public Enemy, ‘To The East, Blackward” by XClan and “One For All” by Brand Nubian, it did spawn the group’s only major radio hit, “Rock Dis Funky Joint.” PRT released their sophomore effort, “Pure Poverty”, in 1991. It wasn’t as commercially successful as its debut, but it did spawn the minor hit “Shakiyla (JRH).” PRT also released the albums “Black Business” (1993) and “The New World Order” (1996).