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The Whispers are an American R&B vocal group from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 1963, the original lineup consisted of twin brothers Walter and Wallace Scott, Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson and Nicholas Caldwell. After being invited to the San Francisco Bay Area by Sly Stone, the group developed a reputation as a show-stopping live act. Walter Scott was drafted to serve in the Vietnam War for eighteen months, and returned to the group in 1969 after discharge. Gordy Harmon injured his larynx in a car accident in 1973. He was replaced by Leaveil Degree. The group scored several hits on the R&B and Billboard charts in the 70’s and 80’s, including “Can You Do The Boogie/Out The Box”, “Seems Like I Got To Do Wrong”, “And The Beat Goes On”, “Lady” and “Rock Steady” among others.  Marcus Hutson died of prostate cancer in 2000. Nicholas Caldwell died of congestive heart failure at his San Francisco home on January 5, 2016. The Whispers have released the albums “The Whispers” (1970), “The Whispers’ Love Story: Life And Death” (1972), “Planets Of Life” (1973), “Bingo” (1974), “One For The Money” (1976), “Open Up Your Love” (1977), “Headlights” (1978), “Whisper In Your Ear” (1978), “Happy Holidays To You” (1979), “The Whispers” (1979), “Imagination” (1980), “Love Is Where You Find It” (1981), “Love For Love” (1983), “So Good” (1984), “Just Gets Better With Time” (1987), “More Of The Night” (1990), “Christmas Moments” (1994), “Toast To The Ladies” (1995), “Songbook Vol. 1: The Songs Of Babyface” (1997), “For Your Ears Only” (2006) and “Thankful” (2009).