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Teren Delvon Jones, known professionally as Del The Funky Homosapien or Sir DZL, is an American rapper/singer/songwriter/producer. He is the cousin of pioneering West Coast rapper Ice Cube, and began his music career writing songs for Ice Cube’s group The Lench Mob. In 1991, with Ice Cube’s assistance, he recorded his debut album, “I Wish My Brother George Was Here.” The album was a commercial success thanks to the single “Mistadobalina.” However, Del wasn’t pleased with the limited range of the album and severed his production-artist ties with Ice Cube for his sophomore effort, “No Need For Alarm.” Five years later, Del released his third album, “Future Development.” He has also released the albums “Both Sides Of The Brain” (2000), “Eleventh Hour” (2008), “Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)” (2009), “Automatik Statik” (2009), “It Ain’t Illegal Yet” (2010), “Golden Era” (2011), “Root Stimulation” (2012), “Iller Than Most” (2014) and “Gate 13” (2018).