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William Royce Scaggs, known professionally as Boz Scaggs, is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist. He is best known for his work during the 1970’s. Scaggs played with singer Steve Miller and  The Other Side before launching his solo career. In 1968, he signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records. While with the label, he released the album “Boz Scaggs” to only moderate success. Scaggs later signed with Columbia Records where he released the albums “Moments” and “My Time” to moderate sales. He released the album “Slow Dancer” before breaking through with the album “Silk Degrees.” The album featured the singles “It’s Over”, “Lowdown”, “What Can I Say?”, “Lido Shuffle” and “We’re All Alone.” The album reached #2 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Boz Scaggs continues to record and tour today. He has released the albums “Boz” (1965), “Boz Scaggs” (1969), “Moments” (1971), “Boz Scaggs & Band” (1971), “My Time” (1972), “Slow Dancer” (1974), “Silk Degrees” (1976), “Down Two Then Left” (1977), “Middle Man” (1980), “Other Roads” (1988), “Some Change” (1994), “Fade Into Light” (1996), “Come On Home” (1997), “Dig” (2001), “But Beautiful” (2003), “Speak Low” (2008), “Memphis” (2013), “A Fool To Care” (2015) and “Out Of The Blues” (2018).