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Jagged Edge is an American R&B vocal quartet from Atlanta, GA. The group consists of twin brothers Brian and Brandon Casey, Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman. Their musical career began with the single “The Way That You Talk.” They followed that with their debut album, “A Jagged Era”, which went gold and featured the singles “I Gotta Be” and “The Way That You Talk.” In 2000, they released their sophomore effort, “J.E. Heartbreak.” The album featured the singles “He Can’t Love U”, “Let’s Get Married” and “Promise.” Their third studio album, “Jagged Little Thrill”, was released in 2001. They’ve also released the albums “Hard” (2003), “Jagged Edge” (2006), “Baby Making Project” (2007), “The Remedy” (2011), “J.E. Heartbreak 2” (2014), “Layover” (2017) and “A Jagged Love Story” (2019).