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Con Funk Shun is an American funk/R&B band that rose to prominence during the 1970s. They site Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, Chaka Khan and Sly & The Family Stone as influences. Originally known as Project Soul, the band was formed in 1969 by Louis A. McCall Sr. (drums/percussion/vocals) and Michael Cooper (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), both of whom were high school students in Vallejo, CA. By 1971, the band included bassist Cedric Martin, keyboardist Danny “Sweet Man” Thomas, trumpeter Karl Fuller and woodwinds player Paul “Maceo” Harrell. Shortly thereafter, the band’s classic lineup became complete when multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Felton Pilate joined. In 1971, the septet formed a new band, calling themselves Con Funk Shun, after a song recorded by the instrumental ensemble The Nite-Liters. In 1973, they relocated to Memphis, TN, where they were hired to back up Stax Records artists The Soul Children. There, they came to the attention of Estelle Axton, who signed them to her Fretone Records label. Their debut album, “Organized Con Funk Shun”, was released in 1973. The band members decided to change their name to “Con Funk Shun”, dropping the hyphens in 1974. In 1976, Con Funk Shun was signed to Mercury Records, and went on to release eleven albums over a span of ten years. Their debut album, “Secrets”, featured the single “Ffun”, which peaked at No. 1 on the R&B charts in 1978. They also charted with the singles “Chase Me”, “Ms. Got The Body”, “Shake And Dance With Me” and “Baby I’m Hooked” among others. After record sales began to wane, Mercury dropped the group from its roster. Tensions within the group began in the 1980s, causing Felton Pilate to leave,  and the group disbanded in 1987. Con Funk Shun recorded the albums “Organized Con Funk Shun” (1973), “The Memphis Sessions” (1973), “Con Funk Shun” (1976), “Secrets” (1977), “Loveshine” (1978), “Candy” (1979), “Spirit Of Love” (1980), “Touch” (1980), “7” (1981), “To The Max” (1982), “Fever” (1983), “Electric Lady” (1985), “Burning Love” (1986) and “More Than Love” (2015).