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Candell Manson, known professionally as Candyman, is an American rapper/producer from Los Angeles, CA. Manson backed fellow Los Angeles rapper Tone Loc before going solo. His first project as a solo artist was the mixtape “Hip Hop Addict”, which was released in 1989. In 1989, Manson signed with Epic Records. His debut album,”Ain’t No Shame In My Game”, featured the single “Knocking Boots.” His sophomore effort, “Playtime’s Over”, wasn’t as successful. He released “I Thought You Knew” for I.R.S. in 1993, but it also failed to chart. In 2000, he released “Candyman’s Knocking Boots 2001: A Sex Odyssey.” It featured a remix of his 1990 single and a few new tracks as well. In 2007, Candyman was featured on Nas’ “Where Are They Now (West Coast Remix)” along with Kam, King Tee, Threat, Ice T, Sir Mix-A-Lot and The Conscious Daughters.