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Norman Washington Giscombe, known professionally as Junior, is a British singer/songwriter who was one of the first British R&B artists to become successful in the United States. Giscombe was a background vocalist for Linx from 1980 to 1982. After starting a solo career, he billed himself as Junior, and in 1982, released the single “Mama Used To Say. ” The song reached #7 on the UK Singles Chart. His follow up single, “Too Late”, also made the UK Top 20. Giscombe went on to work with such artists as Thin Lizzy, Kim Wilde and Sheena Easton among others. He has released the albums “Ji” (1982), “Inside Looking Out” (1983), “Acquired Taste” (1985), “Sophisticated Street” (1988), “Stand Strong” (1990), “Renewal” (1992), “Honesty” (1995), “Oceans” (2005) and “Prisoner Of Hope” (2011).