If fans thought the chemistry between Skip Marley and H.ER. was magical on their collaborative effort, “Slow Down”, the visual will only heighten those feelings. Shot in New York City and directed by Lacey Duke, the clip is an ode to black love, opening in a retro diner when an intrigued Skip catches H.ER.’s eye. Things heat up when the pair take to the dance floor at a feel-good party in an uptown brownstone. In today’s social media-driven culture, it’s refreshing to see a spontaneous love connection not triggered by the click of a finger. “Slow Down” recently peaked at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Digital Sales chart and is Skip’s fastest streaming song to date. As Jamaican music icon Bob Marley’s 75th birthday celebration kicks off, Skip carries on his grandfather’s tradition, a foundation built on reggae, roots, rock, soul, and hip hop for Island Records. Skip’s music is a reggae hybrid that blends eras, genres, and styles, while showcasing his musicianship and poetic lyricism. His talent should come as no surprise. His uncles are reggae greats Ziggy, Damian, and Stephen; and his aunt is singer Marsha Griffiths of the female vocal trio 1 Three, along with Skip’s grandmother, Rita Marley. He wants to spread positive thoughts and feelings with his music. He’s off to a great start.