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Change is an Italian-American post-disco group that rose to prominence in the 1980s. Change was formed in 1979 as a studio band with a revolving cast of musicians, led by businessman and executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus, with most of the songwriting and production carried out by Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani. The band’s debut album, “The Glow Of Love”, was released via Warner/RFC Records in 1980. The project featured the singles “A Lover’s Holiday”, “Searching”, and the title song, which featured a then unknown Luther Vandross. Their sophomore effort, “Miracles”, was released in 1981. It featured the singles “Paradise”, “Hold Tight” and “Heaven Of My Life.” The band’s third effort, “Sharing Your Love”, was released in 1982, and found the group moving from disco and club music to funk and R&B. The single “The Very Best In You” is one example of the group’s take on R&B. Petrus died in 1987. Change was effectively a studio group composed of session musicians and  a core group of collaborators led by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi. However, after the release of “The Glow Of Love” and “Miracles”,  Petrus sought to give the band an image and put together a group for promotion and live performances. This second lineup was relatively stable and contributed to the group’s subsequent four albums. Since their final album, there have been tours and shows featuring several singers and musicians carrying on the Change name.