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The Commodores are an American funk/R&B band that rose to prominence during the 1970s. The group  was formed in 1968 on the campus of Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) from the groups The Mystics and The Jays.  The band’s original lineup consisted of Lionel Richie (vocals, piano), Walter “Clyde” Orange (vocals, drums), Thomas McClary (guitar), Ronald LaPread (bass), Milan Williams (keyboards) and William King (trumpet). After winning the university’s talent contest, the band played fraternity parties as well as a weekend gig at Black Forest Inn, one of a few clubs in Tuskegee that catered to college students. The group was signed to Motown Records in November 1972 after attracting the public’s attention while opening for The Jackson Five. The band charted with such hits as “Machine Gun”, “Easy”, “Brickhouse”, “Just To Be Close To You”, “Three Times A Lady”, “Still” and “Nightshift” among others. Lionel Richie left the band to pursue a solo career in 1982. He was replaced by former Heatwave singer James Dean “J.D.” Nicholas.  Guitarist Thomas McClary left the band a year later for a solo career and to develop a gospel music company. McClary was replaced by guitarist Sheldon Reynolds, who left shortly thereafter to join Earth, Wind & Fire. Today, the band’s lineup consists of Walter “Clyde” Orange, William King and J.D. Nicholas. The Commodores have released the albums “Machine Gun” (1974), “Caught In The Act” (1975), “Moving On” (1975), “Hot On The Tracks” (1976), “The Commodores” (1977), “Natural High” (1978), “Midnight Magic” (1979), “Heroes” (1980), “In The Pocket” (1981), “Commodores 13” (1983), “Nightshift” (1985), “United” (1986), “Rock Solid” (1988) and “No Tricks” (1993).