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Force MDs are an American R&B vocal group from Staten Island, New York. Formed in 1981, the group was initially called the LDs, then became the Force MCs before finally settling on Force MDs, which stood for Musical Diversity.  Although they weren’t as recognizable as other New York R&B acts when they started, they were among the first R&B vocal groups to intermix doo-wop-affected singing with and sometimes over hip hop beats. The band’s original lineup consisted of brothers Steven “Stevie D” Lundy, Antoine “TCD” Lundy and Rodney “Khalil” Lundy along with their uncle Jessie Lee Daniels. A short time later, friends Trisco Pearson and Charles “Mercury” Nelson joined the group. The group scored several R&B hits throughout the 1980s, including “Tears”, “Tender Love”, “Here I Go Again” and “Love Is A House.” Charles “Mercury” Nelson died of a heart attack in 1995. Trisco Pearson died on September 16, 2016, after a bout with Stage 4 cancer. Today, Force MDs consist of Zieme Capers, Steven “Stevie D” Lundy and Rodney “Khalil” Lundy. They have released the albums “Love Letters” (1984), “Chillin” (1985), “Touch And Go” (1987), “Step To Me” (1990), “Moments In Time” (1994) and “The Reunion” (2000).