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First Choice is an American female R&B vocal group from Philadelphia, PA. They began singing in high school under the moniker The Dobonettes. At the time, the group’s lineup consisted of Rochelle Fleming, Annette Guest and Wardell Piper. They sang in clubs in and around Philadelphia after high school. They were introduced to producer Norman Harris by radio DJ Georgie Woods. Harris produced their debut single “This Is The House Where Love Died.” Although the song failed to chart, it was played in Philadelphia and in dance clubs around the U.S. Their followup single, “Armed And Extremely Dangerous”, reached No. 11 on the R&B charts in 1973. They also charted with the hits “Smarty Pants”, “Newsy Neighbors”, “The Player”, “Gotta Get Away From You Baby”, “Doctor Love” and “Double Cross”  among others. Annette Guest, Ursula Herring and and Andre Jackson now perform as First Choice. They released the albums “Armed And Extremely Dangerous” (1973), “The Player” (1974), “So Let Us Entertain You” (1976), “Delusions” (1977, “Hold Your Horses” (1979) and “Breakaway” (1980).