Jafar Curry is a well known and respected singer/songwriter/musician  with performance credits ranging from Atlanta, Georgia, to Beijing, China, to Bangkok, Thailand to New York City. He began his music career at age 15 singing with several vocal groups while discovering his love of instrumentation by learning to play piano and guitar. Originally from PA with roots in Decatur and the Caribbean, Jafar draws from influences that include Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Chick Corea and Muddy Waters to name a few. On his latest single “On The Low”, Jafar deals with the harsh reality of infidelity and consequence while taking listeners for a ride on the fun side. “On The Low” is the first single from Jafar’s forthcoming album “The Tuxedo Bartender”, an album that Jafar says deals with the realities of real musicians in their rawest and basic forms. He’s definitely one to watch.