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Skyy was an American R&B/funk/disco band from New York City. Formed in 1973, the band’s original lineup consisted of Solomon Roberts Jr., sisters Denise, Delores and Bonnie Dunning, Anibal “Butch” Sierra, Larry Greenberg, Gerald Lebon and Tommy McConnell. In the late 1970s, the band signed with Salsoul Records, where they released several albums that saw moderate success. They broke through to the masses with the album “Skyyline.” The album featured the single “Call Me”, which gave the group its only Top 40 hit on the pop charts, peaking at No. 26 in late 1982. It also became the first of several number one R&B hits for Skyy. Meanwhile, the group continued to record for Salsoul Records until the release of their 1984 album “Inner City.” In the mid-1980s, the band signed with Capital Records and released the album “From The Left Side” in 1986. Aside from the single “Giving It To You”, the album saw limited success and the band left Capitol soon after. The group launched a comeback after signing with Atlantic Records. In 1989, they released the album”Start Of A Romance”, which featured the title track, and the Quiet Storm classic “Real Love.” By the release of the 1992 album “Nearer To You”, the hits had dried up, and the band hasn’t released a new studio album since then. The Dunning Sisters perform today as The Ladies Of Skyy. The band released the albums “Skyy” (1979), “Skyyway” (1980), “Skyyport” (1980), “Skyy Line” (1981), “Skyyjammer” (1982), “Skyylight” (1983), “Inner City” (1984), “From The Left Side” (1986), “Start Of A Romance” (1989) and “Nearer To You” (1992).