Smiley’s latest single “Over You” is an upbeat hip hop tune with a smooth melody that demands you move to the beat. While watching the video, you’ll be drawn to the street and club scenes where everyone is moving. Although the song doesn’t break new ground, it’s still easy on the ears. It features a consistent beat delivered by steel drums that make the song light and airy. You can’t help but move to the island sounds that draw out your inhibitions. This beat recurs during the entire song to ensure you keep moving. With a soft percussive rhythm throughout the two minute and thirty-eight second song, it has a nice, calming pace accompanied by Smiley’s soft alto voice. She croons the song and at times it sounds like she’s rapping as she slows her delivery. Despite the pace seeming to elicit the steady drone of rap, she continues to voice rhythmic alto lyrics as the song progresses. “Over You” is a song you can dance to. It doesn’t elicit the grinding of bodies, because it’s too fast, nor does it cause seismic gyrations of the body. It wants you to move with some pre-thought at just the right pace, a pace that keeps up with the beat, a steady, bouncy beat that’s easy to move to. Rising R&B singer MarMar Oso is bringing the heat in the video for his new single “Relationship Goals.” The 21-year-old Sacramento, CA native is a breath of fresh air to the music scene. His songs cover a wide array of topics. While many of his peers have chosen to focus on the sensual aspect of relationships, he isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and discuss love and the emotions that come with it. His debut single, “Lost Feelings”, was a cautionary tale of tragedy and heartbreak. His 2018 single “Ruthless” solidified his position as a star on the rise. The song has received 100 million streams. “Relationship Goals” is an uptempo number. It has a bouncy beat along with a catchy hook that will stay in your head long after the song has ended. The music video highlights the singer’s comedic timing. He finds himself trying to prove to his significant other that what they have is bigger than doing it for “the gram.” The clip even features a cameo appearance by social media influencer Kida The Great. All in all, it’s a great affair. “Relationship Goals” will appear on his forthcoming album “Marvin’s Room”, due out September 16. The project will feature special guest appearances by G-Eazy, Eric Bellinger, Quando Rondo and more.