Rising R&B artist Rashod Holmes recently released his new single “Worth It.” The Christian Gospel singer has received rave reviews for this soulful, heartwarming ballad. The Northern California based singer’s God-given talent is put on full display throughout the lovely song. Holmes is synonymous with vocalizing deep emotions in his songs and performances. As one of the best-kept secrets in R&B, Holmes is a shinning light of positivity in a world that has been filled with gloom and sadness recently. As a skillful, soulful R&B singer, Holmes continues to live his musical dream. With a soothing, distinct voice, he wants to bring a breath of fresh, definite air to a world full of unbound selfishness and greed. One listen and it’s obvious that Holmes sings from the heart with true passion and joy. This is the cornerstone of his musical skills, which continue to excel under the blessings of the almighty. Holmes puts a smile on listener’s faces with his warm, moving songs that are a hit with romantics. “Worth It” was released on August 21, 2020, and since then it has received significant airplay, with fans of Holmes’ music spreading the word about this incredible song. If “Worth It” is any indication, Rashod Holmes has a long, illustrious career ahead of him. “Summertime”, featuring Dria and Jumpman is smooth, vibrant and engaging. Released via Orlando Music, this number is perfect for summer parties and barbecues. The lyrics flow with the infectious, captivating background beat. This hip hop/R&B ballad captures summertime fun across the country. Dria’s blaring vocals and Jumpman’s deep, soulful rap accents fit like a hand and glove. This is definitely a feel good number that will stick in a listener’s head long after the song is over. With a shoutout to 97.9 The Box, Houston’s premiere hip hop and R&B radio station, listeners will enjoy this innovative number. Dria’s vocals are amazing, and Jumpman is just as superb with music and production by Orlando Rocco. Anyone who loves outdoor fun can relate to this feel-good, soul-inspiring ballad. Rocco has delivered a timeless jam with vocals that will make listeners feel good. At a time where most of the nation and world are in gloom due to the pandemic, fans can go to You Tube and reminisce about the good old days in their city. For fans who enjoy hip hop, R&B and pop, “Summertime” will sooth the soul and keep fingers snapping all day long.