Saying that Sam Huber, Bill Laswell and Public Enemy producer Keith Shocklee are aware of what’s going on in the world would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, the Laswell-Shocklee remix of Huber’s summer funk anthem, “No Pressure”, came about for that very reason. The song is the lead single from “Laswell-Shocklee: The Sam Huber Remixes”, an album of remixes of Huber’s 2020 album “Gravity Insanity.” Huber indicated that he wanted “No Pressure” to be the classic summer anthem. Pure escapism and he makes that intention clear in the lyrics. “No Pressure” has a feel good message that feels at odds with the times. The accompanying music video captures the party vibe. Shot at historic Minton’s Playhouse, the birthplace of be bop, it shows Huber having a good time. His laid-back baritone is perfect for a song that celebrates hedonism and allows viewers to do so vicariously. In other words, Huber, Shocklee and Laswell violate masking and social distancing protocols so you won’t have to. Enjoy.