Singer/actress KeKe Palmer just released the EP “Virgo Tendencies, Pt. 1.” KeKe Palmer is the perfect example of a modern Renaissance Woman. She acts, sings, hosts, and does them all equally well. She has an incredible work ethic, so it’s easy to understand how she’s remained successful. In addition to her new album, KeKe was both the host and a performer at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday. KeKe has been releasing snippets of the album all year. Each track being just as great as the one before. She began the year with the title track, then followed with the TK KRaitz assisted “Got Em Mad.” She then released “FYG” before blessing fans with the single “Sticky.” To prove “Sticky” wasn’t a fluke, she also released “Thick” and “Snack.” With all the aforementioned used to build anticipation, the album was destined to be a must listen. KeKe didn’t disappoint. This album is fun, feisty and a great escape from the unrest in the world right now. Sit back and relax while listening to the album.

KeKe Palmer Drops Off 12-Track "Virgo Tendencies, Pt. 1" EP