Singer Joyner Lucas packs in passion on his latest single “Fall Slowly”, a duet with singer Ashanti, who stars as his love interest in the music video. Regardless of the artists’ undeniable chemistry, the video shows there’s trouble in paradise. Physical and verbal arguments in public, Lucas’ arrest and Ashanti’s unanticipated pregnancy test results are juxtaposed with late-night kisses, cuddles and naps on the couch. “Fall Slowly” comes ahead of the Grammy-nominated rapper’s forthcoming EP “Evoloution”, due out on Sept. 18. At the end of the clip, Lucas spotlights the groundbreaking artists’ platform Tully, which he co-founded with manager and technology entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi, which will be available in October. Tully allows artists to succeed independently by providing them the tools they need, such as storage to create projects, access to others for collaborations, and security for contracts and team management as part of the tiered packages. Watch the “Fall Slowly” video below.

This song is the property of Joyner Lucas.