Arriving on the scene in 2018 with her debut, “Concinnity”, Canadian singer Reve quickly gained notoriety for her vocal range and distinctive sound. With the singles “4 AM” and “Gotta Know”, fans were drawn to her sentimental lyrics inspired by real life experiences. Reve continues to deliver quality music with the single “Cold Hearted.” On “Cold Hearted”, Reve is stunning as she chisels the pain away. A true artist, it is her honesty that is magnetic between her and her fans. The emotion in her vocals spread like wildfire throughout social media through word of mouth. “Cold Hearted” is the follow-up to the singles “Wasted Times”, “Be Like That” and “Tik Tok.” Her music creates the juxtaposition in her lyricism on themes of disconnectedness and alienation while supporting the raw, volcanic emotions she sings about. Her unique style and art speaks volumes, allowing her to celebrate her individuality. The singles she’s released thus far draw attention to her forthcoming album, “Die One Day.” Set to feature previously released singles, the album will undoubtedly put all her talents on full display. She’s definitely one to watch. Earlier this year, singer Gene Noble released the single “Matching Tattoos.” Now, he’s released the music video for the single. In the video viewers will see two tattoo artists that make a friendly wager about the fate of couples after getting matching tattoos which transitions into Gene in his apartment with his band playing the piano. “Matching Tattoos” is the lead single from Noble’s forthcoming EP. Noble reveals his sensual side on the track. “Matching Tattoos” was written by Gene Noble and Chino Strings and produced by Chino Strings. This straight ahead R&B track not only highlights Gene’s vocals, but his diverse musical talent as well. The New York native has written for Sting, Chris Brown, Jill Scott, Usher, Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill among others. Check out “Matching Tattoos.”