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Brian McKnight is an American singer/songwriter/actor/arranger/producer/multi-instrumentalist. McKnight is known for his strong falsetto and belting range. McKnight’s work has earned him 16 Grammy award nominations, albeit never having been awarded one. He is second only to Snoop Dogg for the record of most Grammy nominations without a win. In 1992, McKnight released his self titled debut album. The album peaked at number fifty-eight on the Billboard 200 chart and featured the single “One Last Cry.” It was followed by the albums “I Remember You” (1995) and “Anytime” (1997). In 1998, McKnight released the Christmas album “Bethlehem.” In 1999, McKnight released “Back At One”, his most successful album to date, which went on to sell over three million copies. In addition, “Back At One” is one of four of McKnight’s studio albums to reach the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, peaking at number 7 on October 9, 1999. McKnight has also released the albums “Superhero” (2001), “U Turn” (2003), “Gemini” (2005), “Ten” (2006), “Evolution Of A Man” (2009), “Just Me” (2011), “More Than Words” (2013), “Better” (2016), “Genesis” (2017) and “Exodus” (2020).