Artist/producer Big Bonga’s latest single “Tiffany” features smooth lyrics with a unique backbeat and rhythmic flow. Big Bonga showcases an old school R&B vibe with modern, contemporary sounds and visuals. With it’s soothing, melodious cosmic theme and enchanting lyrical presence, “Tiffany” has a thumping beat that touches the heart and soul at every turn. This debut single was mixted by Yaaanky and produced by ANTI, a.k.a. “Mocha” on Discord. The accompanying music video was directed by Helen Ratner. The New Orleans native has created a captivating, compelling song that is both mystical and thought-provoking. @BigBongMusic is going strong on Instagram and across all social media streaming platforms. “Tiffany” is also an ode to love and romance, cornerstones of vibrant, healthy relationships. However, the lyrics are left to the imagination and also cover heartbreak and pain. Breakups are never easy, but there’s a silver lining across each cloud. Bong eloquently captures the never ending saga and struggle of maintaining relationships, especially the unity among significant others that can shatter a heartbeat. The track is short and sweet but speaks volumes about everyday relationships. Big Bonga is an online independent artist with a bright future ahead of him. Check out “Tiffany” below.

This song is the property of Big Bonga.