R&B crooner Eric Bellinger returns to the airwaves with his latest single “Godly.” “Godly” is a balling rap from his forthcoming album “Eric B. For President, Term 3.” “Godly” is loaded with references to money and power, thus the title. As a Grammy Award winner, Bellinger shows why he deserves the recognition. In the video, he suggests he’s another black president of the United States. “Godly” is a smooth trip coaxing along a very dance worthy groove. You can’t help but move and the lyrics aren’t bad either. You can imagine being hooked on a power trip like Donald Trump. You’ve got your white Ferrari and your white Rolls Royce, diamonds, a butler, and a lot of cash to spend. What more could you want? Bellinger tops it off with a dance party. If you don’t know the moves to “Godly”, he and his friends will show you. Eric Bellinger has written material for Tank, Usher and Chris Brown. His talent is on full display on this soon-to-be applauded and celebrated single. The lyrics scream cockiness and the music forces you to get up and move. It’s the perfect single for his forthcoming EP. The song touches on the trappings that make a man feel himself. The lyrics and video images entice the would-be winner. Add to it a song that sings the praises of life and you have a loyal fan base. R&B trio Final Draft just released their highly anticipated EP “New Kings Of R&B” via Earl Jam Records. The project showcases their vocal abilities and range as well as their talents as writers and producers. “New Kings Of R&B” is a breathtaking display of raw talent with astounding vocals and lyrical prowess with songs that are sure to be classics. “New Kings Of R&B” will take you on a journey through life and love with smooth ballads and sultry mid-tempo numbers. “New Kings Of R&B” is now available on all streaming platforms. Multi-platinum singer/songwriter/producer JC just released his single and video “No Filter” featuring Jacquees. JC, whose birth name is Justin Crowder, is a Tennessee native who should be on everyone’s radar and playlist. For Crowder, the goal is to make music that people will remember and relate to; invoking an unforgettable feeling. JC’s “No Filter” is the follow-up to his successful single “Skyscraping” featuring Calboy. “No Filter” was written to express the admiration for a woman’s natural beauty, both inside and out. This is certainly evident by the single’s beautiful cover, which features Cover Girl model Amy Deanna, the first woman signed to the brand with vitiligo. JC has certainly made his mark with his creativity, songwriting and producing talents. He’s one to watch.