The Yanga Chief, Langa Mavuso, just released the single “Panther.” This smooth R&B track is lyrically on par with songs by Domino, Digable Plants and others. This enchanting track will capture the heart and soul the moment the listener presses play. With a blend of jazzy, romantic, pop, and Afro-centric sounds, this song will take the listener back with its magical presence and non-stop swaying steady beat. “Panther” is perfect for social gatherings or relaxing with friends, family or a significant other. The Johannesburg, South Africa based singer/songwriter is a jazz and blues enthusiast with a strong social and global following. As an icon in the South African music industry, Mavuso released the EP “Home” in 2017, and “Muvula” in 2018. “Panther” follows a string of singles but has its own unique, soulful R&B flow. Mavuso has a husky, course, rich and sweet vocal delivery. Mavuso combines spirit and soul into every production that transcends many past and present musical styles and genres. Singer Souloni has created a project that will transcend time with her new EP “Do You Wanna Dance.” The project is available via Spotify, Apple Music, and all social media networks. Its dazzling lyrical flows and bounce-style beats are guaranteed to keep music fans on the dance floor from the moment the play button is pressed. Souloni brings originality, style and great vocalization to every track. “Do You Wanna Dance” is a collection of tight, fresh material, including “Spazzing”, featuring Lil Vida. The lyrics are hard with sexual themes that are precise and straight to the point. “Anti” also has a unique, cutting edge flow that will make listeners dance, rap and bounce until the song is over. Souloni also included the ballad “Call Your Phone”, which shows her versatility. Souloni can rap with the best of them and still deliver a sensual ballad for fans. The EP also includes the tracks “Whine It Down”, “Let’s Dance”, “Glow Up” and “Naughty.” “Whine It Down” has a dancehall reggae feel, while “Let’s Dance” is an R&B slow rap fused song that will keep listeners moving all night. “Naughty” is a soulful, romantic ballad that can be played at home and in the car as well. Check out “Do You Wanna Dance.”