Few know more about funk music than Bootsy Collins. He received his education as a bassist for singer James Brown. He later became a mainstay with Parliment-Funkadelic before forming Bootsy’s Rubber Band where his funky rhythms kept dance floors packed. Bootsy is one of the funk pioneers who seeded the ground for hip hop. Never content with being regulated to the legacy circuit and rightfully proud of his contributions to music, Boosty continues to make music while collaborating with a new generation of artists. Bootsy endures because he always comes back to the first principle of funk music: mainly that it always come back to “the one” or the first beat in a measure. Hitting the first beat hard is what makes funk music so infectious. Musicians can create as long as they’re on the one. If you missed it, James Brown would definitely tell you. James Brown, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and others have kept the world dancing for six decades, and Bootsy pays tribute to funk on his latest collaboration titled “The Power Of The One.” The track includes George Benson on guitar, Brian Culbertson on keyboards and The Williams Brothers on background vocals, just to name a few. “The Power Of The One” contains all the elements that make funk music so identifiable. The first beat works like a starters gun that allows Benson to create with his six string, the horns of Brennan Johns to announce that this is a party and The Williams Brothers to engage with Boosty in call and response. Listen to “The Power Of The One” below.

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