Singer/songwriter/producer Mark Morrison may be considered a one hit wonder by many listeners in the United States. However, the distinctive hip hop crooner has remained a prolific artist and producer for over two decades. Following the release of several successful singles in Europe, Morrison has shifted his focus to running a label, Mack Life Records. His latest project is a collaboration by R&B heavyweights Christopher Williams, Alexander O’Neal and Greg Jackson entitled “Roses.” This romantic ballad finds Williams opening the first verse with his husky yet tender tone. Paired with a back-to-basics melodic structure, the song quickly draws the listener in to the halcoyn days of mid-90s R&B. While O’Neal’s voice has roughed with the years, it’s contrasted nicely with Jackson’s supple tenor phrasing. With lyrics that are respectful and unassuming, “Roses” is a pleasing retreat from the over-thought fare permeating the airwaves and many streaming sites today. Delivered with passion and conviction by Williams, O’Neal and Jackson, “Roses” will surely become a fan favorite. Listen to “Roses” below.