International R&B/hip hop artist Matt B just released the single “I Spoiled You.” The track contains a great vocal performance and storytelling on top of a great groove. “I Spoiled You” offers everything a listener could want and more. “I Spoiled You” is a chord-rich, piano-driven track with enough happening in the beat to make it R&B without overshadowing Matt B’s crisp vocals. His voice drives the melody of the track, which in turn lends itself to the story of the song. This tasteful combination ensures that “I Spoiled You” has all the makings of an R&B classic. Ironically, this approach to R&B has made Matt B a standout among his contemporaries of the modern era. He’s drawn comparisons to Usher and Maxwell in terms of his vocal delivery. Despite this, he’s still managed to carve out his own niche. Matt B has been nominated for a Grammy award for Best R&B Performance for “Hold Me Down” and Progressive R&B Album for his visual EP “No Days Off.” Listen to “I Spoiled You” below.

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