Kissie Lee is a rising R&B singer/songwriter who is making her presence felt in the music industry. The Georgia native, who has written songs for Chris Brown and Jaccques, unveils the lead single and video from her forthcoming album titled “My Love.” “My Love” is a song about showering your significant other with unconditional love. The Cricket directed visual displays a multi-personality Lee demonstrating her pure affection for her unbeknownst love interest. While belting out soothing vocals over the mid-tempo production, Lee plays a sultry Fentry wearing lot attendant, bouncy beauty trapped in an elevator and tailor-suited flash dancer. Fun, catchy and radio friendly, “My Love” will surely wind up on a lot of playlists. “My Love” is just one of several hits by the songstress. Throughout 2020, Kissie Lee garnered a new fan base with the singles “Only U” and “Real.” “My Love” will tide fans over until the release of her album, which is due in 2021. Kissie Lee’s new EP, “Real”, features special guest appearances by KeKe Wyatt, Natasha Mosley and Sammie. “My Love” was produced by Mr. Hanky. “My Love” is now available via all DSPs. Listen to “My Love” below.

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