Jamaican-born singer Emprezz Jay mixes reggae with hip hop and R&B on her latest single “No One.” Now based in Brooklyn, New York, she has collaborated with producer Khali Jah and director Llama to create a song that is uniquely her own. Emprezz jay wrote the lyrics after being inspired by the instrumental track by Jah. The phrase no one stuck in her mind, so she used it as a theme. What she came up with is an interesting take on love. The song takes on the perspective of a person who is in a love-hate relationship that has been going on for some time. Although they have their highs, the lies and infidelity are making it difficult to go on. They fight and they break up, but at the end of the day, the singer ponders “who will love me better than me?.” The answer is no one. Despite everything, there is some hope. It is less of martyrdom and more of confidence that the other person will come back and set things right. She is not there to beg. She just knows they’ll be together at the end, perhaps fueled by past outcomes. It’s a demonstration of the addictive nature of love. No matter how much it hurts, there are people that keep holding on for their own reasons. However, the singer/songwriter manages to talk about it without succumbing to melodrama. Emprezz Jay has her head held high knowing what she brings to the table. Even if the other person doesn’t return. You know she’ll do just fine. Listen to “No One” below.

This song is the property of Emprezz Jay.