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Mario Dewar Barrett, known professionally as Mario, is an American singer/songwriter/dancer/actor/model from Baltimore, MD. He is best known for the top five hit “Just A Friend” (2001) and the number one single “Let Me Love You” (2004), which won him two Billboard Music Awards. He has released four studio albums: “Mario” (2002), “Turning Point” (2004), “Go” (2007) and “D.N.A.” (2009). At the end of the 2000s decade, Barrett was ranked No. 98 by Billboard magazine on their “Artist Of The Decade” list. His fifth studio album, “Dancing Shadows”, which was released in 2018, saw him in a more introspective sound. His 2020 single “Closer” was released and has since started the Closer Challenge on the social media platform Tik Tok. Aside from his music career, he has appeared in several television shows and films such as Set Up (2006), Freedom Writers (2007) and Empire (2018-2020). In 2019, Barrett appeared in the live television production of the musical Rent. He recently released the single “Mars.”