For over thirty years, Pete Rock has produced some of hip hop’s most celebrated sounds. Amid a Grammy Award-winning career that includes production, rapping and DJing, he has now expanded his repertoire by forming The Soul Brothers. With his forthcoming album “Petestrumentals 3”, Pete takes one of the most trusted fanchises in hip hop in an organic direction. In 2001, “Petestrumentals” helped pioneer an instrumental hip hop album trend. After its sequel in 2015, “Petestrumentals 3” takes the series to a new frontier. This time, he assembled a band. The band is comprised of Grammy winning drummer Daru Jones, guitarist Marcus Machado, bassists MonoNeon and Christopher McBride, keyboardist BigYuki and vocalist Jermaine Holmes. “Say It Again” is the album’s lead single, and you can here how Pete’s creations come to life with his band and all-original sound; a band that he insists maintain his trademark knock. Released via Pete Rock’s Tru Soul Imprint, “Petestrumentals 3” marks a new beginning that will surely usher in a new generation of “Pete’s Treats.” Listen to “Say It Again” below.

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