“Way Too Soft” is the latest single by Interscope signee Melii. The Dominicana has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Cardi B. Based in Harlem, New York, Melii possesses a laid-back, smooth lyrical flow and melodious riffs. Her braggadocious style has earned praise from hip hop and R&B fans and critics alike. With unparalleled beauty and a fashion sense that transcends a myrid of musical genres, the accompanying visual for “Way Too Soft” cements her presence as one of the hottest new artists on the hip hop/R&B scene. The video is Jame Bond-esque with captivating visuals and vibrant aesthetics. Each frame is accentuated by Melii’s compelling lyrics that will make you move from the moment you hear the intro. This head-nodding ballad oozes sexiness with English and Spanish fusion words that are uniquely layered. You will surely move with every verse to this urban pop number. The video showcases a contemporary essence that adds a storyline to the song, ensuring that it will become a classic. If you enjoy R&B fused with rap, then “Way Too Soft” is the perfect addition to your playlist. “October 7” is the new single by R&B singer Antoine Dunn. Dunn is an accomplished lyricist/multi-instrumentalist whose angelic voice is inspired by contemporary R&B and gospel music. “October 7” is a well-crafted track with a smooth delivery and romantic essence. “October 7” is an enchantment of love and happiness that celebrates the best of what relationships have to offer. With his Sam Cooke-esque lyrics, Dunn has created the perfect combination of soothing vocals, fantastic guitar riffs, and a unique composition overall. This heartwarming ballad combines elements of old school and traditional R&B with modern love songs. Dunn delivers the lyrics with a deep, soulful voice that will send shivers up your spine. If you’ve been looking for some inspirational music during these trying times, “October 7” is just what the doctor ordered. In the meantime, listen to “Way Too Soft” below.

This song is the property of Rule #1/Geffen Records.