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Singer/songwriter Darryl Johnson takes center stage with his new single “Nightmare.” On “Nightmare”, Johnson sings about something we’ve all experienced, just not in the way a public figure like Johnson experiences it. “Nightmare” is about the contrast between the public face we show the world, and what is truly going on beneath the surface, and how we respond when we can no longer ignore that contrast. “Nightmare” is a song we see when we look in the mirror in those private moments. “Nightmare” is a great song that masterfully blends R&B, Southern Soul and jazz and Johnson puts emotion and skill into the song’s searing and heart felt lyrics. The bass line, with its mid-tempo funky groove, has an 80s smooth R&B feel, while the vividly descriptive lyrics and Johnson’s vocals draw equally from gospel and Southern Soul, and there’s also a jazz improvisation on the saxophone to top it off. Simply put, Johnson has outdone himself with this one. Enjoy.