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Graham Central Station is an American funk band named after founder Larry Graham. The name is a pun on New York City’s Graham Central Terminal, often colloquially called Graham Central Station. Graham Central Station’s biggest hit was “Your Love”, which peaked at No. 38 in 1975. The group also integrated gospel music into their repertoire, and played with the dichotomy between the funk/rock star image and the “sanctified” gospel group image. Some of their recordings feature the Tower Of Power horn section. In 2011, Graham Central Station opened for Prince on Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” tour. They have released the albums “Graham Central Station” (1974), “Release Yourself” (1974), “Ain’t No Bout-A-Doubt It” (1975), “Mirror” (1976), “Now Do U Wanna Dance” (1977), “My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me” (1978), “Star Walk” (1979), “By Popular Demand” (1997), “GCS NPG” (1998) and “Raise Up” (2012).